Board Announcements

Our next general board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, 2017 @ 7:30 PM

Meeting will be held in the press box at the Tamarac Sports Complex

Please submit any items you would like added to the meeting agenda to TYFL by August 4, 2017.

Please check the calendar for future meetings and events.


2017 Tamarac Cougar Board Members

Executive Board Members

President: Eliot Meiseles (click here to contact)
Vice President: Joe Torok (click here to contact)
Treasurer: Staci Lang (click here to contact)
Secretary: Tianni Brown (click here to contact)

Football Board Members

Athletic Director: Kenny Williams
Co-Directors of Football: Johnny Brown and Mike Avin

Cheer Board Members

First Director of Cheer: Maryuri Delgado
Assistant Cheer Director: Pam Gonzalez

General Board Members

Registrar: Bridget Argueta
Football Ambassador: Tavaris Bragdon
Equipment Manager of Football: Danny Perez
Equipment Manager of Cheerleading: Felecia Fousek
Merchandise Coordinators: Michelle St. Val
Fundraising Coordinators: Anne Joselin and Traneka Young
Event Coordinators: Tianni Brown
Concession Manager: Jerosa Davis
Webmaster: Staci Lang (click here to contact)